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Furnish that office like a boss.

Need a new executive chair to feel bossy again? Your fragile computer back can’t go without that veal-leather Hermann Miller deskchair. We know this, but do you? No worries! Workbrands.com features a huge collection of premium brands! Configuration is king because what if you don’t want your back to rest on veal-leather but on seal-skin? Almost anything is possible at Workbrands. 

Brush my shoulders off. 

Buying online is more than just hitting the buy button and spend your hard earned money. Workbrands.com inspires you with in-depth knowledge of products, helps you discover new brands and only let’s you choose between nice and nicer. They are the only retailer in Europe that offer so many high-end brands under one roof. We didn’t only design the web-site we created a whole new brand. “Brush my shoulders off”

Team / Thompson Dubé, Younes Riad, Max Kortsmit

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