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All hail fur

Love walking the dog? Hate seeing the same tree every day? We got you! As dog fanatics we love a good ol' walk with the pooch. What we love even more is exploration! Nothing better then discovering a beautiful new spot to go for long walks. And that's exactly what is nearly impossible to do on the web. Search for dog-walks in Google and you will end up on a Nordic Walking trail together with non dog-lovin' people and their weird sticks. Not very relaxing, and definitely no fun for the dog in question.

So what if you could find walks pending on your location? Track your own walks and easily and share them? Creating a huge database of secret spots and magical walks. Mix that with beautiful dog stories from lifestyle bloggers Sun of Wolves and BENG! magic...

Find, track & share

We created a fully loaded iOS app with React-Native which is currently in BETA on the Appstore. As a Fur Club Member you can find walks, navigate to them and walk with the help of your phone's GPS. You can track your own dog walk and navigate unexplored territory with ease using the top down map view. Or chill on the couch and read curated dog stories that inspire you to explore more.

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