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Reinventing the story

Smart content distribution

Complicated things, we like 'em. Pubnxt is a Greenhouse Group Company that trades in "complicated things". Smart content distribution to be precise. In short: how do you get your branded content in the right place at the right time? Pubnxt selects the right publishers by analysing heaps of data. After this thorough data analysis they move on to develop the right content strategy. And finally distribute the content at the right time, and most importantly in the right place! During a campaign they gather even more data to make subtle real-time adjustments. This is how they make sure that the client get's a maximum result.

In order to explain their magic to new and existing clients, Pubnxt needed a good story to tell. Their story consisted of endless performance figures and graphs. We transformed that into a visually stunning project cases providing insight into the world of Pubnxt. Due to the confidential nature of these cases, we can not put them on display. That might change in the near-future...

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