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Crying every night because you bought a €25,000 laptop with an OLED-bar dat doesn’t really do anything? Yes, you can play DOOM on it, and do some other mildly interesting stuff. But that's about it. Ever used it for anything else than picking that perfect emoji in Messages conversation with your mom? Still crying a bit? Don’t you worry, we do too! Instead of trolling a TouchBar Facebook group we decided to create something cool. Something that brings back a little hope in your disillusioned life. 


Peaks is a system monitor TouchBar app. Yes, you got that right! A Swift native app that turns your pricey TouchBar into a magical system monitor. Peaks shows you CPU usage and memory load while holding your customisable hot-key! It’s magic! Apple didn’t come up with this themselves so we did it for them. Finally you can put that touch thing to work. 

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