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Rappers? Nah, digital marketing!

Isn’t Greenhouse Group that urban event organizer and artist label? Wrong! That’s Greenhouse Talent! At Greenhouse Group you’ll find no such thing as rappers. Instead you’ll encounter serious digital marketing talent and expertise. Greenhouse Group employs more people than Greenhouse Talent has artists. Enough said! Greenhouse Group is one of Eindhoven’s new hero’s after Philips left for Amsterdam. 

From content marketing to social media campaigns, they do it all! They have talent tucked away in every corner of their mega office in downtown Eindhoven. Digital marketing artists who analyse data, create content and do things we only understand after a couple of long meetings. We like that…

Making Greenhouse Group fun again. 

The online look of the Greenhouse Group stood in stark contrast to the cutting edge stuff they do on a daily basis.  It was about time to scream: Change!… and launch their identity into the year 2017. We got to know Greenhouse Group as a company with relentless energy. So we created an identity and web-app to reflect this. 

Bright colours, explosive graphics and hot copy are the backbone of the re-invented Greenhouse Group style. The web-app runs our latest tech-stack build and performs like it should with blazing fast loading and 99,9% uptime. Innovation, dedication and fun. They may sound cliché, but they perfectly embody who they are.

Team / Thompson Dubé, Younes Riad, Max Kortsmit

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