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Going to a party with your friends?

Three things matter. Who's playing, what's the damage and is this party hot or not? You should only need a glance to see this information...That’s exactly what Bitterzoet.com does best. A unique club venue in Amsterdam that has been around for over a decade. We have taken Bitterzoet out of the dark ages of the internet and put it right up there with the big boys. 

Getting stressed of making choices? Bitterzoet keeps it simple! We made a stress free week-overview, added nice imagery, ticket price and as a bonus Facebook Event API integration. Now you can be the judge of wether a party is “hot” or “not” before you even have that Uber-Black on standby to impress the crowd. 

Not a website…a web app.

Repeat after me: Web-app… An app on the web… No old school PHP/MySQL stacks for us. Bitterzoet loads fast, performs better and works on your fancy iPhone 7 but also you're old one you gave to your moms for Christmas. Click on events, watch embedded Youtube  or Vimeo video’s or stay at home and throw a party with Soundcloud playlists. 

Had a rough night at the pre-party on Friday? No worries, the “Add to calendar” feature reminds you that you have another party-night ahead of you on Saturday. Ain’t that nice, a web-app that keeps you on top of your game? That was exactly what we intended.

Team / Thompson Dubé, Younes Riad, Max Kortsmit

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